Event: Wednesday 9th September 2015


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Wednesday 9th September 2015 – 6pm

Address Details: Investec Bank plc, 2 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7QP

Graham JonesGraham Jones – Internet Psychologist

‘Why most businesses need to overhaul their online presence’


This talk demonstrates that businesses need to radically rethink the way they use the Internet.  Most online business fails; almost all the world’s transactions are actually offline.  So what are businesses doing wrong online and how can they change it for the better?

This talk is aimed at business owners and directors, as well as consultants to companies so that they can reconsider the way their company uses the web.  Most businesses need a major shakeup of their online presence and so the people who will most benefit from this talk are those who can actually influence that change – the people who own or direct those firms.

The talk will provide you with:

  • Five clear steps to analyse your company’s existing web presence and spot the areas to focus on for improvement
  • A clear comparison with real-world business so you can see what online areas most affect your company or your clients
  • An understanding of the way in which people use the Internet for different purposes and how your business can target those varied requirements.

Graham Jones is a psychologist who specialises in understanding how people behave online and how they use the Internet.  He consults with businesses to help them improve their online presence utilising psychological principles.  He is a part-time academic, working for both the Open University and the University of Buckingham.

Graham is an award-winning speaker, an award-winning writer and is the former President of the Professional Speaking Association.  He is the author of 29 books, including his latest ‘Click.ology’ which is about the psychology of online shopping.

When he is not online, you can find Graham watching rugby matches, either his 14-year-old son, who is captain of his team, or London Irish who are based in Reading near to where Graham lives.

The cost for members is £10

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The cost for guests is £10

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