Aug 17

Fran Moscow


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Member: Fran Moscow

Managing Director at The Fran Moscow Consultancy Limited

Working across the sectors in FTSE 250, NASDAQ and SME’s we specialise in supporting CEOs, main board directors and high potential men and women to think clearly about the future they are creating and support them in achieving it. We work with clients to facilitate the shift needed to take risks, do things differently, walk their talk and celebrate success. We create the space for them to identify opportunities for themselves and their people to achieve the company vision, goals and objectives for growth.

We align senior teams and support the CEO in succession planning. In our work with private equity portfolio companies we develop the senior teams and prepare them for exit.

Our remit is to challenge strategy, thinking and behaviour to achieve business objectives, raise performance, generate sustainable change and satisfy the expectations of the Shareholders and Stakeholders.


Individual Coaching for CEO’s and Board Directors, Executive Team Alignment for Boards and Executive Teams, Team Coaching.

Reason for joining TEN:

I was looking for a professional network of senior executives who understood networking was about building relationships and supporting each other.

Length of time with TEN:

4 Years.

What have you gained from TEN membership?

Being able to participate in and support TEN’s evolution as, with any organisation, it continues to make the changes necessary to support its members in a challenging environment.

“When I first joined I received a lead for a major piece of business. Four years later I am still working with the client!”