NED Interest Group – 9th September 2015


Non Executive Directors Interest Group

Wednesday 9th September 2015 – 5pm

Address Details: Investec Bank plc, 2 Gresham Street, London EC2V 7QP

Mike Clancy, Walgrove Executive Search and

Jane Moran, C-Veritas

A blueprint of the perfect Non-executive Director (NED) does not exist. If all the requirements of the NED role profiles drawn up by a cross-section of quoted, private equity backed and family boards were collated, it would be a very long and contradictory list!

To quote the Plato-inspired proverb, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. Each and every company board seeks a combination of attributes and competencies that is unique to their requirements.

What should your overall approach be to find an NED role? How will you be assessed throughout a NED search process? How should your CV and LinkedIn profile best present you?

 Mike ClancyMike Clancy

Mike Clancy is the Founder of Walgrove, a boutique search firm focussing on Chairman, NED and executive board roles for varying company  ownership structures. He has recruited many NEDs during his career, and is a guest speaker/contributing writer at the Financial Times NED Club.

Before starting Walgrove in 2009, Mike managed the Private Equity team of a ground-breaking niche recruitment business. He also has three years’ experience of venture capital, when he worked as a deal origination manager for a specialised investment business. He has an MBA from London Business School and an MA in Economics and Economic History from the University of Edinburgh.

Mike will offer practical guidance on sourcing NED roles, dealing with the vagaries of the NED recruitment process and maximising your chances of success.

Jane Moran Jane Moran

Jane founded her CV writing business, C-Veritas, in 2010. Her clients are primarily board directors: executives seeking a first NED role to further  their career development, or former executives embarking on a portfolio career.

Prior to C-Veritas, Jane worked as a consultant for a recruitment company specialising in Board appointments for listed and private-equity backed businesses. She read countless poor CVs which didn’t do their owners justice and re-crafted them for presentation in long- and shortlists.

Drawing upon this experience, and that of being a brochure writer when she was a marketer, and a translator when she was a linguist, Jane will impart some tips about how to make CVs and LinkedIn profiles stand up to scrutiny in a NED search process.