Networking and Members discussion with Garry Hirth and Mark Watson – members of XTEND – discussing “Sustainable Importing”

The challenges of “Sustainable Importing” will be explored, dealing with the issues of buying from overseas in turbulent times following Brexit, recent conflicts and political turbulence.

For this meeting, the attendees will be divided into two teams representing separate companies, each gearing up to launch a new chocolate biscuit as part of their award-winning brand leading range of biscuits. These products will initially target the UK and EU markets.

Each team will be tasked with sourcing two crucial ingredients: chocolate and sunflower oil, both highly sought-after commodities in the current market. Mark and Garry will furnish both teams with pertinent information regarding potential suppliers and will be available to address any queries that may arise.

After the allotted time, each team will present their recommended suppliers for the raw materials. This will be followed by an open discussion, during which constructive criticism will be welcomed, and Mark and Garry will offer their insights and perspectives on the proposed choices.