Aug 17

Paul Matthews


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Committee Member: Paul Matthews

Managing Director and Founder at People Alchemy Ltd
I founded People Alchemy Ltd in 1999 after a distinguished career in industries as diverse as travel and engineering, during which time I held many positions, including senior posts in sales, customer service and operations, finishing at director level in a multinational IT company.

Since founding the company, myself and several associates have provided consultancy, coaching and development for individuals and teams to many prestigious clients, including Barclay’s Bank Plc, Credit Suisse First Boston bank, Philips Semiconductors, General Motors, Roche, Deutsche Bank, Zurich Insurance, Ricoh, West Midlands Police and The Open University.

Along the way, it became evident that although an abundance of learning products was available to executives of all grades, there was nothing expressly designed to give today’s managers the one aid they really needed: an easily accessible source of authoritative and practical help with the problems they face on a day-to-day basis.

Drawing on my background in coaching, management development and IT, as well as an extensive network of senior business consultants, I embarked on a project to provide the answer to this need.

My vision is a resource that provides practical solutions to everyday management problems. Now, after several years’ development – and thanks to the efforts of a team of more than 120 authors, editors and software engineers – here it is…



Management Support, Knowledge Management, Team Building, Coaching, Management, Leadership, Organisational Change, Personal Change, Sales, Marketing, Start up companies

Reason for joining TEN:

For networking and to talk with peers outside my work context, and I was quite flattered to be accepted by a group with entry conditions

Length of time with TEN:

5 years

What have you gained from TEN membership?

Many new business friends and a greatly expanded network I can tap into for help in a variety of areas. I have requested help from fellow members and been very grateful for the support and friendliness of the many responses. I have also won some new business for my company as a result of introductions from TEN members to people they know.