Thomas’s Take – January 2022

Dear XTEND Guests

I am back from a delightful break in a sunny clime and wanted to begin by wishing you a very Happy New Year.

I hope, as I am sure you all do, that we see a gradual return to more normal life after the last two years of disruption. As we head into the New Year, we have an exciting programme already in place. We look forward to interacting with as many of you as possible in the early part of the year to get a sense of your interests and aspirations for the year ahead and discuss with you the activities and events we can schedule that will help you meet your goals.

Although, due to Omicron, the majority of our events are still ‘virtual’, we are hoping to slide in a couple of face to face meetings as we move into the year.

Our 2022 programme starts next week with Martin Knowles, a fellow “XTENDER” and author, who will talk about “Untangle Your Sales” which should be of direct interest to us all!

We welcome you to attend up to 3 online meetings whilst you decide whether to join XTEND, but our Special Interest Groups are for members only.

Monday 17th January – Martin Knowles “Untangle Your Sales”

What happens when the boss gets involved in sales?

Are you wondering how best to engage with customers?

Are you the one leading negotiations, or do you restrict yourself to a bit of schmoozing to lubricate the deal?

Maybe you leave it to the sales “experts” who you’re paying to do this for you. If only they did…

Join this networking event to discuss some common sales myths and to explore best practice thinking on the crucial role business leaders play in driving sales success.
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Tuesday 25th January: NED SIG – James Leeper will be facilitating a discussion on the current and upcoming changes affecting strategy and business models. This is a complex area that NEDs need to understand but are often insufficiently well-informed about because of the ‘part-time’ nature of their role.
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Thursday 3rd February: Lifelong Finance SIG – Richard Owen will lead the discussion: “Debt – good or bad?”
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Monday 7th February: Dr Ian Peters from the Institute of Business Ethics will present “Why ethical business makes for good business”
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We will announce future talks and events in the near future. In the meantime, I feel optimistic about 2022 and the outlook for XTEND and the possibility of face to face networking once Covid has been classified as an endemic.

In the meantime, can I encourage you to invite guests to our events and to like and share XTEND posts when published on LinkedIn.

With best wishes,


Chair XTEND – The Executive Network