Thomas’s Take – January 2023

Dear All,

Upon reflecting on 2022, I cannot help but notice that numbers featured from the ridiculously large to the incredibly small:
“Markets lose more than $30 trillion in worst year since financial crisis” (Financial Times);
“Elon Musk loses $130 billion in net worth” (Bloomberg) after the Tesla share price tanks and his $44bn purchase of Twitter.

Closer to home:
“70 years of reign after the passing of Her Majesty The Queen;
“2 Monarchs, 3 Prime Ministers, 4 Chancellors of the Exchequer” very reminiscent of the 12 Days of Christmas song;
“44 days of premiership” akin to a very slippery denouement in a highly political game of Snakes and Ladders;
“36 hours in post” for a Secretary of Education…

Then we were treated to a series of misnomers from Putin’s “special military operation” to Truss and Kwarteng’s “mini budget”, both of which have increased substantially the cost of living crisis – and uncertainty – at home and abroad.

It must also be the first time I can recall that political and economic pundits alike – on either side of the pond and / or the Channel – claim not to have a crystal ball…

Here at XTEND, we have organised a series of events for the New Year, either member-led or with outside speakers and a mixture of online and face to face meetings. Starting with:

“Scoping the Future” co-presented by Nigel Pacey and Caroline Swain – via Zoom – on Monday 9th January at 6pm

“NED landscape post-covid” a NED SIG self-funding lunch meeting on Tuesday 17 January at 12.30pm

As per usual, please register AND invite guests to attend, as this is the only way to grow our network.

Please click here for the rest of our event calendar.

In the meantime, all I can wish us is a more peaceful and compassionate 2023.


Thomas Saltiel
Chair XTEND – The Executive Network