XTEND Meeting 13th April 2021, 6pm via Zoom

Zoom meeting

XTEND Monthly Meeting – 6.00 pm

Tuesday 13th April 2021
Address Details: Webinar via Zoom
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Michelle Veasey

“How to generate conversations with your ideal prospects in 7 days using LinkedIn”

If you are a business owner or responsible for generating sales, this session will help you understand the untapped potential of LinkedIn.

In this session we will cover:

• The importance of understanding your perfect customer, and how to find them on LinkedIn (including a free PDF workbook)

• A free tool to search for your ideal prospects on LinkedIn and a live demo of Sales Navigator.

• What is a ‘Lead Magnet’ and why you need one… including a brief introduction to Canva a free design tool.

• How to easily optimise your profile to speak to the needs of your perfect prospects.

• Best tips for connecting with people.

• A live demo of the safest automation tool for those who want to put it on autopilot.

• My best 10 tips for LinkedIn.

Bonus FREE takaway content:

1. A PDF workbook to profile your ideal customer

2. LinkedIn profile checklist, and link to profile tool

3. A step-by-step guide covering this talk with video walkthrough.

4. 7-day free trial using the safest automation tool.

An introduction to Michelle Veasey:

My name is Michelle Veasey, and after 20 years in sales and marketing, I have seen every method of sales generation going. As you would expect, my beginnings are rooted in the traditional sales tactics of cold-calling and other such ‘numbers’ game’ techniques. I was successful too! Consistently, the top performing salesperson in the companies where I worked. I was generating hundreds of thousands of pounds in new business sales. When I created a relationship from a cold-outreach approach on LinkedIn, resulting in a seven-figure deal in 2010, I knew that was the future of where businesses would make sales.

Frustratingly, the companies I speak to every day are still using the same old-hat methods and are not getting the results they need. The old ways are not working for them anymore! So, in the last ten years, I have dedicated my career to learning what I know about traditional, successful sales techniques and applying them to where customers now operate, which is online, and for a B2B audience, primarily, LinkedIn. Without a doubt, today’s most significant leverage is technology if you know how to use it! If you’re not proficient on this platform, then you are seriously missing a trick! Many companies are fearful of stopping what they are doing, even though they know it’s not working very well. However, with the right strategy, you can achieve way more than you could ever hope. Imagine being able to turn on and off a steady stream of conversations with your ideal prospects? What would that mean for your business?

Recent achievements:

• Recently been shortlisted as a finalist for two Women in Digital awards; Digital woman of the year, and Digital Mother of the Year. I have also been put on the ‘Top 40 Digital Women to Watch in 2021’

• Software provider Frama required better conversion rates from its online activities. As digital sales expert, engaged to deliver customer engagement strategy. Identified customer acquisition costs using high-impact testing; originated LinkedIn outreach programme to identify and qualify leads; drafted tailored messaging to convey client services and value proposition; harvested campaign data to set parameters for continual testing; and implemented process automation controls to facilitate on-going operation. Successfully increased demand from 6 product demonstrations per month to 6 per day and produced £36,000 in sales.

• As a result of the Covid-19 crisis, The Crafty Fox craft beer pub needed to rapidly improve their e-commerce offering. As marketing specialist, identified and implemented necessary process capabilities. Evaluated requirements and identified solutions; scoped investment needs and revenue potential; developed a landing page as focus for e-commerce activities; devised pricing strategy to maximise revenue potential; and fashioned innovative commercial incentives to encourage repeat sales and facilitate quick stock turn to safeguard cashflow. Succeeded in generating £20,000 sales revenue over a 4-month period.

• Bambü Window Cleaning was looking to expand its client base. Hired as digital marketing consultant to build B2C customer acquisition strategy. Applied bespoke methodology to engineer lead generation framework; utilised 3 Step COG™ system to design optimise sales funnel; designed templates for customer communication sequence and implemented procedures to test and refine messaging; and built dashboard to monitor and report campaign impact using agreed metrics. The campaign successfully generated 250 new customers and £35,000 sales in 6 months from launch and set the platform for future growth.

Interests outside of work

I am also a co-owner of independent Craft Beer Bar – The Crafty Fox with my husband. This takes up much of our time, but also provides us with an extremely active social life. We enjoy ‘quality testing’ all of the different beers that arrive regularly. We currently have over 150 different types of beer available as part of our online delivery service. I am singer and guitarist, with many many gigs under my belt. Pre-Covid I regularly perform in local pubs, parties, weddings, music festivals, and even the BBC annual staff ball once at the Coronation Street studios. I love music, it is part of my life. I have four kids, two of my own and two step kids who range from 10 to 28! Plus, the great love of my life, my dog, Teddy the Cockapoo.