XTEND meeting via Zoom 13th October 2021

Zoom meeting

XTEND Monthly Meeting – 6.00 pm

Wednesday 13th October 2021
Address Details: Webinar via Zoom
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Philippe Belot

Project Finance and Investment

Previously 18 years at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD)

“Introduction to climate finance”

Do you know what “Climate finance”, “green washing” and “sustainability” mean?

Join us for this presentation and networking event

What you’ll take away from this event:

“Climate finance”, “green washing”, “sustainability” are recurring words nowadays but what do they entail exactly? What is the difference between green/climate/sustainable finance? Climate change itself is such a wide-encompassing subject that it has generated its own institutions, concepts and vocabulary. Obtaining a synthetic view can be a challenge.

Designed by practitioners, not scientists or activists, this session is aimed at those members of the public who want to orientate themselves in this complex and sometimes confusing landscape. The presentation will position the concepts and institutions shaping the climate finance sphere and decipher the specialist vocabulary and acronyms, which often make the topic of climate finance sound technical, obscure and intimidating.

At the time when we are going to hear more and more about climate change in the run up to the COP26 in November in Glasgow, this presentation is a must !

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About Philippe Belot

Philippe Belot is an investment and development banker with 35 years experience, mostly in emerging markets. For 18 years at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), he carried out complex financing transactions in the corporate, banking and infrastructure sectors. Philippe now advises financial institutions around the world in the fields of banking management and sustainable finance.

Philippe brings a practical understanding of climate finance, being neither a scientist nor an activist but a banking consultant who is confronted with the implementation of climate change risk management in his clients.

Philippe has been living in the UK since 1993, except for the four years he spent in Poland for the EBRD. He is a seasoned traveller in the former Soviet Union where he criss-crossed in the 90s’ and is a keen linguist.