Jon Downing


A short summary about myself:
I’m an experienced property & business investor. I currently work with ambitious entrepreneurs to define, launch & grow their business ideas. My professional experience has been gained from over 25 years from working in senior operational and technology roles for large corporates and being part of the founding team who launched and ran Visa’s innovation hub in Europe. I have a residential HMO portfolio in Brighton & Lancing and have made multiple private and commercial loans to property investors

Top things I would like other members to know about my business 

I’m a passionate business mentor & love working with ambitious people to help them achieve their full potential

I believe everyone has a brilliant idea within them & I work with people to define, launch & realise their business ambitions

I’m a recognised expert on Blockchain Technologies & cryptocurrencies & enjoy sharing my knowledge with people interested to learn more

How XTEND has helped me so far

The Xtend Network has given me the opportunity to share my knowledge on Blockchain Technologies & cryptocurrencies with the community and to meet a new group of business leaders

How I can help XTEND 

I’m passionate about business mentoring & helping people and organisations achieve their full potential and will be very happy to work alongside and support people in the Xtend Network as needed

Twitter : jdowni1;

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