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Terry Irwin

I am the CEO of TCii Strategic and Management Consultants, a boutique strategy consultancy based in central London. I began work as a consultant after 20 years as a country and regional MD with one of Europe’s largest fast moving consumer goods organisations, based at various times in the UK, and as an expatriate, in Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, China and the Russian Federation.

I have also served as a UK Director of Carphone Warehouse and as a NED of Holt Lloyd. I currently hold two NED’s in addition to my executive role within TCii.

I have consulted for a wide range of businesses, from multinationals to start-ups and have a “hands on” approach staying involved with client projects through to the achievement of agreed results.

I regularly speak on conference platforms, deliver workshops and seminars and have mentored a broad range of clients including politicians, sportspeople and CEOs in the UK and internationally.

Outside work I am often sought after by tennis and squash players who like to win.


What are the top things you would like other members to know about your business?

I help businesses to grow in a sustainable profitable way via strategic consultancy, mentoring and by serving as an NED.

I have an extensive international background and a global contact network.

I also work with PE in areas ranging from pre-deal market intelligence to post deal support for new management teams.

I have been fortunate in that, to date, over 100 clients have expressed their appreciation of the work I have personally delivered by providing me with testimonials. Some of these can be seen on my LinkedIn profile:

How has TEN helped you so far?

As a boutique consultancy we occasionally need to compliment and supplement our team with “associates” who have particular industry, functional or international experience. TEN has proved to be a great source for such people.

How can you help TEN?

  1. Opportunities to work with TCii on our projects.
  2. Direct help to members through our business mentoring services – particularly useful for those transitioning from the corporate world to their own businesses or to a plural / portfolio career.
  3. I regularly speak on best business practice topics and issues involved in growing businesses internationally and can offer this to members for use with their client conferences and seminars, networking groups and similar.


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