Paul Fieldhouse

Member: Paul Fieldhouse

Trustee at GBWR, Chairman at BRYT, Business growth adviser at WLP
Business growth adviser and NED. Specific expertise and experience in food & drink sector. Specialises in strategic planning & marketing. Serial networker. Passionate about connecting people, organisations and delivering tangible results.


Strategic planning, business growth, branding, sales & marketing

Reason for joining XTEND:

I was introduced to the group by some of the people already in my network. From the outset it was clear that this was no ordinary networking organisation and the fit was right.

Length of time with XTEND:

5 Years.

What have you gained from XTEND membership?

Attending the events provides a great opportunity to talk to people with the same level of understanding – they get it. So we can chat about business, the stock market, the latest trends… It’s not a place where you sell to others but by being part of the group you make valuable connections that lead to introductions.