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Larry Watson

After a full and successful career in policing I developed several areas of interest. Initially in the field of training and development with my company The Way Consulting where the focus is on professional development working with individuals and teams supporting their progression. The work is varied and dynamic and I take a real pleasure in seeing my clients go from strength to strength in their professional and personal lives. Small improvements in self awareness solicits fast results whether that is in how they communication, deal with conflict or even how they present in interview or speak in public. There are too many people not realising their potential and it is a source of satisfaction to see client step out and experience greater success.

More recently, in view of my former career and experience, I have created Police into Private Sector as a virtual platform and conduit for police officers and staff seeking to move into the private sector for employment, either via new employment or business start ups. Having worked for a long time in a big, specialist organisation the transition for them can be quite challenging. Many have outstanding talent, skills and experience that they find difficult to demonstrate.

Never one to resist a challenge my next project is a Counselling for Relationships service – based on my experience as a counsellor for Relate this will provide support to anyone who wishes to enhance or improve on their relationships which is certainly a work in progress for most of us.


How has TEN helped you so far?

Following a successful career in the public sector TEN has proved invaluable in providing insight into senior level private sector corporate practices. TEN has provided me with the opportunity to engage directly with TEN members who have diverse backgrounds in the private sector including those working as interims in a wide range of companies has enabled productive introductions to such as Dyson and Saga, and to decision makers which has supported my business activities. Through TEN I have been invited to some very engaging organisations and networking events which has made possible me to engage with an extensive senior network, which has been both personally and professionally rewarding.

Being involved with the TEN Committee and currently the Chair has raised my profile, increased my connections with the Membership, provided opportunities to engage with individuals from other organisations suitable to develop mutually beneficial association with TEN such as the ILM, FT NED CLUB and charities such as Micro Loan Foundation and Grow Movement who offer opportunities for TEN Members to fund or mentor start up entrepreneurial individuals on a global basis. I have been able to call on TEN members for support with my clients, information and advice on best practice. Attending the Special Interest Groups has proved value for money as an informative platform.

How can you help TEN?

A practical approach for me was to become involved on the TEN Committee helping to orchestrate activities for the membership and to instigate the Personal and Professional Development Special Interest Group. I have introduced members to other organisations most recent being The Yacht London Members networking event. I am currently in my second year as the Chair of TEN supported by a committed and proactive team on the Committee through which we deliver various interesting events and opportunities for gaining knowledge through our speaker programme, networking monthly meetings and Interim, NED, PPD Special Interest Groups.


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