Andy Low

Member: Andy Low, Responsibility: Founding ChairmanAndy Low

Director at AJL Global Ltd
Marketing focused Managing Director with significant experience in both retail/wholesale and direct to consumer activity. Used to multi-country product sourcing processes and working with wholesale and retail trade customers in a variety of sectors. Extensive new product development experience, gained mainly in fast moving industry sectors (eg toys, publishing). Recent experience as a senior level interim recruiter

Multinational and multicultural view on business relationships, with multi-country contract negotiation skills.

Interested in roles which provide a high level of opportunity to positively impact business growth in a UK only or international context.


Experienced international MD level manager in global consumer led businesses which operate through retail or wholesaling relationships. Key skills: P&L management, branding, licensing contract negotiation, strategic planning, new product development, International marketing, brand management, CEO level mentoring and career transition support, Interim management, interim recruitment, marketing and general management led business consulting.

Reason for joining XTEND:

I was the founding Chair of XTEND and I created it because at the time I was out of work, following a relocation back from the USA and thought that it would provide opportunities for myself and others in the same position to get a job… it worked!

Length of time with XTEND:

16 years.

What have you gained from XTEND membership?

I’ve been astounded at its success. I never imagined that the organisation would grow to such an extent and attract such a fantastic group of people. Fundamentally I believe that the members are the key to its success. We have grown because the membership base has driven the growth. Members have ideas, they are listened to and actioned. That means people feel valued and stay and refer others that would also benefit.

“XTEND is all about business building and contact development. The expectation is that you provide advice and support without expecting a return. It’s not about ‘quid pro quo’ and there is never a hidden agenda.”